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Balanceshaft Damper (BSD)

Balanceshaft Damper (BSD)

Balance shaft damper
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Balance shafts are increasingly used to reduce vibrations and noise in today's combustion engines. These balance shafts are generally chain-driven. However, specially charged diesel and SI engines excite significant vibrations in these chain drives. The vibrations are disturbingly noisy and impose high stresses which shorten the lifespan of the chains. LuK has addressed this problem and developed a special balance shaft damper (BSD).

The BSD can be integrated both into the driving chain pulley on the crankshaft and into a pulley which drives the balance shaft. There are usually only minor modifications required to adjacent parts.

In principle, the BSD comprises a chain pulley and hub between which bow springs exert a slight rigidity. This slight rigidity is used to eliminate interference resonance from the speed range of the combustion engine. At the same time the BSD is fitted with damping elements that are optimally adapted to the operating conditions. This results in considerable reductions of the chain stresses and chain tensioner paths. Noise emissions are also significantly reduced.

LuK balance shaft dampers fulfil their function discretely and effectively. In so doing they make a further contribution to optimising the acoustics and extending the service life of modern combustion engines.

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