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Mounting and Maintenance of Rolling Bearings
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Companies that wish to change to the concept of condition-based maintenance are supported by Schaeffler with training, attendance during the introductory phase, ongoing advice during the period of use and service contracts.

Condition-oriented maintenance
In condition-oriented maintenance, machinery and plant no longer undergo maintenance work on the basis of failures or times but on their assessed condition. In partnership with the customer, the Schaeffler advisory experts prepare plans that give recommendations for action on the basis of the results of condition monitoring. These recommendations result in targeted maintenance measures and thus to reduced costs.

Service concepts for plant manufacturers and operators
Services are not “off the peg” products and the requirements vary according to the machine and the knowledge on site. Due to the wide portfolio of Schaeffler services, local certified Schaeffler employees can weave together the right package of Schaeffler training and services together with in-house activities. The scope is enormous and dependent on the prior knowledge and usable work capability as well as the requirements for quality of monitoring.

The following four examples show the extent of the scope and how widely service concepts can vary. Starting from the customer requirements, the Schaeffler experts prepare a concept to meet the needs and assist in its implementation.


Company A has employees with experience in the field of condition diagnosis.

In this case, it is sufficient to instruct the employees of the company in the use of the systems and accompany them while making the initial steps. In difficult cases, assistance can be requested from the Schaeffler experts. They will help in the analysis and formulation of measures.

Company B would like to build up its own knowledge in the field of condition diagnosis.

Condition diagnosis is a complex subject. Building up knowledge therefore takes time. In such cases, Schaeffler offers a two-year programme, after which even customers without prior knowledge can themselves monitor the condition of their machinery. Once the standardised training has been carried out, the support given by the Schaeffler experts is progressively reduced in stages and the customer’s employees use their new knowledge directly in their daily work.

Company C would like to completely outsource the area of condition diagnosis.

Schaeffler offers complete packages under which Schaeffler provides the entire service. This begins with the initial operation of systems and progresses through continuous monitoring to complete leasing of the hardware, such that no initial costs are incurred by the customer. Such monitoring packages are very attractive, for example, to operators of wind turbines.

Offering a service
Company D is a plant manufacturer and would like to offer condition monitoring as a service itself.

In this case, Schaeffler acts as a subcontractor for the mostly portable monitoring systems, as a trainer to the service employees of the plant manufacturer and as an expert team. The expert team always moves into action when machines show sets of characteristics that cannot be clearly assessed by the employees of the plant manufacturer. The plant manufacturer can thus offer its customers a highly qualified monitoring service without having to establish its own experts.


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