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Catalog | 2018-06
Mounting and Maintenance of Rolling Bearings
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TCO approach

The Schaeffler approach to reducing total costs (TCO, Total Cost of Ownership) is a practically based concept for plant operators (MRO) and plant manufacturers (OEM). The aim is to reduce operating costs associated with rolling bearings and increase plant availability on a continuing basis. The costs incurred are objectively and measurably compared with the benefits to be accrued by means of appropriate parameters.

In the case of MRO, Schaeffler works as a partner with employees from production and maintenance facilities to optimise and conserve the value of the plant. With the user, Schaeffler works on specifically named problems and submits technical approaches to solutions. Furthermore, Schaeffler provides proposals for cost reductions that are based on experience within specific sectors and spanning different sectors. This analysis covers plant components, operations and qualification measures as well as their practical implementation.

Schaeffler is also interested in advising OEMs on product design with favourable maintenance-related characteristics, in order to achieve a significant contribution to reductions in operating costs as early as the plant design phase.


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