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Catalog | 2018-06
Mounting and Maintenance of Rolling Bearings
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Where malfunctions occur on a machine, defects must be detected and rectified very quickly. Based on many years of experience with different sectors and applications, the Schaeffler diagnosis experts are well versed in such troubleshooting tasks. Various types of information are fed into the analysis. These include earlier measurement records or repair reports. If no measurement records are available, the diagnosis experts orient themselves to the specific task through observation, perusing the machine documentation and discussions with the machine operators.

Problems or malfunctions in machine operation often become apparent through changes in vibration behaviour, unusual temperature patterns or similar phenomena. Where the diagnosis experts carry out measurements on the machine themselves, the measurement method is selected as a function of the specific machine and the type of malfunction. The Schaeffler diagnosis experts are familiar with all analytical techniques, from vibration measurement to torque analysis or endoscopy. As a result, they can quickly identify malfunctions and prepare proposed solutions. The investigation is closed out by a handover discussion between the diagnosis experts and all relevant employees on site. In addition to the results of the investigation, the recommended countermeasures are discussed in particular.


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