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Catalog | 2018-06
Mounting and Maintenance of Rolling Bearings
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Condition Monitoring

Regular Monitoring

The failure of so-called “B” or “C” category plant items not does lead directly to downtime and therefore does not necessarily lead to expensive secondary damage. For such machine parts, offline monitoring is generally recommended as a more economical option. The Schaeffler experts can assist in identifying the most economically appropriate solution between cost-effective continuous monitoring and regular monitoring.

In this type of monitoring, machinery is examined and assessed by vibration analysis at regular intervals, for example every four weeks. This regularity gives more in-depth knowledge of the normal condition of the machine. Deviations can thus be detected. For the monitoring concept, the selection of measurement points and monitoring accessories as well as the measurement interval play a decisive role. If deviations occur during measurement or if trends are to be investigated, the data can be sent to the Schaeffler Diagnosis Centre. Vibration experts will then analyse the data and prepare a diagnosis report. Through working with the Schaeffler experts, customers can build up their own know-how in analysis.

If no personnel are available for data logging, Schaeffler can also offer support in data logging. The company's experts can carry out regular measurements on site.


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