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Catalog | 2018-06
Mounting and Maintenance of Rolling Bearings
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Continuous Monitoring

For production-critical machinery, continuous monitoring by means of vibration diagnosis is indispensable in many cases. Investment in such monitoring systems often pays for itself after a few months due to the reduced failure costs. Depending on the area of application, Schaeffler offers a wide range of solutions, including single channel standalone solutions for smaller equipment, medium-sized systems with up to 8 channels that can be extended on a modular basis and also complex monitoring systems with up to 2 048 sensor channels.

In addition to giving advice on selecting the right system, Schaeffler also implements monitoring of the machine. This includes not only hardware selection but also system configuration and, where necessary, its integration into existing systems.

The customer can decide whether to carry out plant monitoring himself or to enlist the services of Schaeffler for online monitoring. Due to the communication options of the monitoring systems, remote analysis can be carried out by the Schaeffler experts.


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