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Technical Product Information | 2010-06
FAG Pressure Generation Devices

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Hand pump sets

Hand pumps have a single stage or twin stage pump with a manometer.


Single stage pump
The hand pump PUMP1000-0,7L has an oil container with a volume of 0,7 l. The maximum pressure is 1000 bar.
A digital manometer is available as an accessory.


Twin stage pump
The twin stage pumps, have a high delivery rate up to 50 bar and then switch automatically to the high pressure stage. This gives a high work rate. Where there is an increased oil requirement, the twin stage pumps are available with a 8 l oil container (suffix 8L). In those cases where the type of installation of the adapter or withdrawal sleeve requires a separate oil supply, a two-way valve is available (suffix D).
For pumps with an oil pressure of 1000 bar and a connector, digital manometers are also available as accessories.


Pump for drive-up distance
The hand pump PUMP1000-4L-CONTROL is particularly suitable as a pressure generation device where rolling bearings are to be driven onto their tapered seat using a hydraulic nut. First, the bearing is driven smoothly onto the tapered seat as far as the initial position. A suitable hydraulic nut is then screwed onto the shaft and the hand pump is connected. The hand pump is then operated until the pressure to reach the start position is achieved. The pump is then operated further to drive the bearing by the required drive-up distance and thus achieve the final position.
The user manual for the pump PUMP1000-4L-CONTROL contains a table that shows the number of strokes necessary to achieve the required drive-up distance of the bearing. The required drive-up distance is calculated using the software Mounting Manager.


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