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Lubrication systems

Lubrication devices

Lubricators and lubrication systems automatically provide bearings with the correct quantity of lubricant. This prevents the most frequent cause of rolling bearing failure: inadequate or incorrect lubrication. Approximately 90% of bearings are lubricated with grease. Relubrication with the correct quantity of grease at the appropriate intervals gives a significant increase in the life of bearings.

For manual relubrication, grease guns are suitable.

Lubrication system

A single-point or multi-point lubrication system can supply lubrication points precisely and irrespective of temperature. The dispensing times can be set individually.


Automatic lubricators convey fresh grease in the defined quantity at the correct time to the contact points of the rolling bearing.

The devices adhere to the lubrication and maintenance intervals and prevent undersupply or oversupply of grease. Plant downtime and maintenance costs are reduced as a result.

The lubricators are matched to the bearing position. They have a wide range of applications, for example on pumps, compressors and fans, in conveying equipment, machinery etc.

Lubricators have the following advantages:

  • individually configured, precise supply to each bearing position
  • fully automatic, maintenance-free operation
  • reduced personnel costs compared to manual relubrication
  • different dispensing times can be selected
  • pressure buildup to max. 50 bar, thereby overcoming any obstructions.

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