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Shaft alignment device

Publication | 2012-11
For aligning shafts in no time at all


Manual (mounting, operation) | 2013-01
FAG Top-Laser EQUILIGN User manual



The FAG Top-Laser EQUILIGN is an alignment system for coupled and decoupled shafts in motors, pumps, ventilators and gearboxes with rolling bearings.

All the parts of the shaft alignment device are supplied packed in a case.

A comprehensive range of accessories is available in order to expand the possible applications of the base device FAG Top-Laser EQUILIGN. The accessories can be ordered as a set in a handy, robust case or as individual parts.

Shaft alignment device FAG Top-Laser EQUILIGN
Shaft alignment device FAG Top-Laser EQUILIGN
The advantages of the system are as follows:
  • simple mounting
  • error-free handling even by untrained personnel using step-by-step display on the manual control device
  • automatic tolerance checking. A symbol indicates when the shafts are correctly aligned.
  • more precise alignment than with conventional methods
  • rapid, simple measurement by means of Active Clock measurement mode
  • robust control device. Watertight and insensitive to contamination in accordance with IP 65
  • user interface in 20 languages
  • easy generation of reports
  • real time display of displacement in all axes.

Before alignment is carried out, any soft foot must be eliminated. FAG Top-Laser EQUILIGN clearly indicates the soft foot. Each individual foot screw connection is loosened and the device is monitored to see if it displays any changes between the foot screwed firmly into place and the loosened foot. The soft foot can then be eliminated using shims. This eliminates any tendency towards vibration and bearing damage as a result of housing deformation. During measurement, at least three positions are approached at different angles. These must be measured at an angle of at least 90°. The intelligent control system prevents incorrect usage here. The actual condition of the subassembly is then displayed.

When the foot screw connections have been loosened, the vertical misalignment is first eliminated by means of shims. FAG Top-Laser EQUILIGN shows the displacement in real time. This means that the user can monitor on the display how the measurement results change as soon as the subassembly is moved. Horizontal adjustment is then carrried out until the symbol with the thumb pointing upwards is displayed. Once the foot screw connections are tightened, the shafts are aligned.


Shims FAG Top-Laser SHIM
Shims FAG Top-Laser SHIM are used to eliminate vertical misalignment or soft feet.

These shims are made from corrosion-resistant alloy steel and are available in seven thicknesses (0,05 mm, 0,1 mm, 0,2 mm, 0,5 mm, 0,7 mm, 1 mm, 2 mm) and in four sizes (dimension c = 15 mm, 23 mm, 32 mm, 44 mm).

As replacement parts, we can supply 10 shims each in one of the 4 sizes and one of the 7 thicknesses stated above.


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