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Schaeffler Discusses Coatings for Increased Performance at CTI Symposium USA

2019-05-08 | Troy, Mich.

Demonstrating its commitment to advancing automotive drivetrains, Schaeffler will discuss its coating technologies for the North American market at the 13th CTI Symposium USA held May 15 and 16 in Novi, Mich. A perennial event sponsor, Schaeffler will host a product exhibition at the event.

“The automotive powertrain evolution has required innovative surface technology solutions to meet the new challenging requirements. From ever-more-demanding friction reduction and wear protection, to electrical insulation of the new E- Mobility,” said Dr. Rashid Farahati, director, Schaeffler. “As a world leader in surface coating technology, our coating contributes to the conservation of energy by lowering the friction and extending the service life. Surface coating is an effective and efficient way to enhance new and existence components.”

At 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, May 15, Mahdi Amiriyan, Ph.D., member of Materials Science and Engineering of Schaeffler Group USA, will present “Coating Technology as a Design Element for Friction Reduction and Wear Protection” during the Transmission Components session. Amiriyan assumes the position “coating expert,” supporting the Competence Center Surface Technology of Schaeffler headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. He will discuss how Schaeffler utilizes coating technology as a design element for electrical insulation, friction reduction and wear protection. During the presentation, he will highlight a number of innovative coating technologies, including:

  • Triondur®, utilizes sophisticated coating processes to achieve significant increases in the performance capability of components subjected to high tribological stresses. Application methods such as physical vapor deposition (PVD) or plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition (PACVD) can produce coatings.
  • Insutect®, under certain conditions, stray electrical current can pass through components of an electric systems, such as E-motors or E-axels. This can damage and degrade the lubricant inside the system, which can cause the entire motor/axel to fail prematurely. Current-insulated components, which feature ceramic-coated surfaces, offer cost-effective protection against electrical arcing damage—especially when they are specified at the design stage. Insutect coatings can provide insulation up to 1,000 volts DC under dry or humid conditions.
  • Corrotect®, engineered coating systems are used to provide protection against a wide variety of corrosive elements. Corrotect coatings can be applied using a range of techniques, including electroplating, an electrochemical process used, for example, for zinc alloys, electroless plating, such as nickel-phosphorous coatings, or by spraying or dipping, such as paint systems.
  • Durotect®, part of Schaeffler’s modular coating “toolbox,” Durotect®-branded coatings are specifically developed to provide wear protection and increased durability for components under high tribological stress.

Schaeffler will also participate in the product exhibition, showcasing two exhibits, surface treatment display and friction measurement (tribometer).

The 13th CTI Symposium USA provides an international exchange of experiences and opinions among key automotive representatives. Participants, including automakers, transmission manufacturers and suppliers from the United States, Europe and Asia, will discuss the latest in technical developments and applications for conventional and alternative drives. For more information, please visit

Publisher: Schaeffler Group USA Inc.
Country: USA


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