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New concepts, creative solutions

The specialists in our worldwide engineering teams for the cycles and sports equipment sector will support you throughout the product development process and will develop, for you and together with you, new concepts and creative solutions for any application. Our customers benefit from the quality of these custom designed systems, which ensure high cost-effectiveness and a long operating life.


Customer-specific components and system solutions using INA and FAG products are our strength. Through partnership from an early stage with our customers, we can apply the most modern CAE tools, some developed in-house, to the full extent of their performance.

Calculation and bearing selection

In BEARINX®, we have created a leading program for rolling bearing calculation. This allows detailed analysis of all INA/FAG bearing arrangements – from an individual component up to the complex shaft system. Internal loading is calculated down to the level of the individual rolling element contact and can be presented in tabular or diagrammatic form. From calculation of the individual contact points, BEARINX® gives a precise calculation of the bearing arrangement life.


In the design and modelling phase, we work with the most modern methods such as dynamic simulation and FEM analysis.


The new product is submitted for testing only after it has been optimised in theoretical terms. Upon request, customer samples are tested in one of our R&D centres in all situations and for all functions – from the wear behaviour to the noise spectrum. Following series of strenuous, practice-based tests, the signal is given for volume production.

Surface coating

Coatings influence a whole range of bearing characteristics: wear, corrosion resistance, running-in behaviour, emergency running characteristics, media resistance, behaviour under inadequate lubrication ... If the principal requirement is for particularly effective anti-corrosion protection, for example, Corrotect® is used – a cathodic anti-corrosion treatment applied by electroplating means. TRIONDUR is used where continuous high tribomechanical loads and inadequate lubrication are expected.


Special steels such as Cronidur 30, the high performance plastic PEEK, ceramics, hardened amagnetic rolling bearing steel – we combined these with each other in roder to achieve maximum customer benefit. Rolling elements made from ceramic or steel, cages made from brass or PEEK, bearing rings made from plastic ... The purpose determines the material. And you determine the purpose!


Lubrication has a considerable influence on the reliability and operating life of a bearing. All the greases used for initial lubrication of our products are extensively tested in our in-house lubricant laboratory before use, for example in relation to radiation resistance in the case of medical equipment applications. The particular priority in this area is lifetime lubrication.


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