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Research & Development

Chemical and physical laboratories, for lubricant testing
Steel, brass, plastic: Ball cages made of various modern materials

Surface Coating

Coatings influence an entire range of bearing properties such as wear, resistance to corrosion, run-in behavior, emergency running characteristics, media resistance, behavior with insufficient lubrication ... If particularly effective corrosion protection is a priority, Corrotect® electroplated cathodic rust protection is used. TRIONDUR is used if continuously high tribomechanical stresses and insufficient lubrication are anticipated.


We combine materials such as special steels such as Cronidur 30, PEEK highperformance plastic, ceramic, and hardened non-magnetic rolling bearing steel in order to provide optimum customer benefits. Rolling elements made of ceramic or steel, cages made of brass or PEEK, plastic bearing rings – the purpose determines the material. And you determine the purpose!


Lubrication has a significant effect on the reliability and operating life of a bearing. All the greases we use for initial lubrication of our products are thoroughly tested in our in-house lubricant laboratory before use, and for applications in medical systems, they are also tested for resistance to radiation. Particular attention is paid in this area to lifetime lubrication.


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