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Technical Product Information | 2010-10
Axial Angular Contact Roller Bearings
High load carrying capacity with very small cross sections


Ceiling stands

Ceiling stand in the operating room
Exploded view of a ZAXB axial angular contact roller bearing unit with integrated electromechanical brake

Ceiling stand bearing support with integrated electromechanical brake

Ceiling stands in operating rooms have to safely support a growing number of increasingly heavy devices while allowing the moving parts to be positioned without vibrations and with very little noise.

Our bearing supports for ceiling stands make a significant technical contribution to achieving this objective. They are characterized by high static load safety and tilting rigidity while keeping space requirements to a minimum. They also feature a relatively large inside diameter to allow the supply cables and other cables to pass through easily.

The new ZAXB bearing unit with integrated electromechanical brake was developed by our engineers as a particularly compact and ready-to-fit version of these bearings. This brake employs springs that press the anchor plate against the brake lining, and thus prevents the single-piece bearing unit from turning when no current is flowing. This means that the ceiling stand is locked securely in place. When current is applied, an electromagnet pulls the anchor plate against the springs and releases the brake pad, allowing the unit to rotate and thus be easily repositioned. Microbial contamination is reduced by the closed system, and the powder coating, which is specially approved for medical applications, protects against corrosion.


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