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INA Precision Bearings for Combined Loads

Rotary Table Bearing YRTSpeed

Properties: Bearing arrangement

Low bearing frictional torque

  • high limiting speeds, low drive losses and heat generation in bearing
  • ideal for combination with torque motors

High rigidity of bearing arrangement

  • Requirements for "high rigidity" and "high speed" are no longer contradictory
  • highly suitable, for example, for rotary tables used in combined machining operations involving milling / turning
Comparison of frictional torque

  • Conventional Solution (1)
Comparison of bearing heating

Bearing heating at 20 °C ambient temperature and test rig conditions, size d=325

  • Conventional solution(1)
y: Bearing equilibrium temperature / °C  
Comparison of tilting rigidity

In all sizes, the tilting rigidity significantly exceeds that of conventional bearing arrangement concepts such as YRT.
x: Tilting rigidity [KNm/mrad]  

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