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Linear Motors Product Line

Product Line

Motor Type Features
Ironless motors
ULIM3-2P, ULIM4-3P, ULIM5-2P high dynamics, no cogging, Fp up to 1,000N, 2-phase
ULIM4-3P, ULIM5-3P, ULIM7-3P high dynamics, no cogging, Fp up to 1,000N, 2-phase
Slotless motors
FSM-2P series low profile, dynamic, no cogging, Fp up to 300N
Slotted motors
L1-3P-Serie compact, smaller sizes for lower masses, Fp up to 1000N
L2-3P-Serie optional cooling, low cogging forces, Fp up to 10,000N
L2D-3P-Serie balanced motor design, efficient, dynamic, Fp up to 10,000N
Reluctance motors
LRAM series holding force 10N up to 400N, resolution 1-3µm
Ironless linear motor

Ironless Linear Motor

(1) Secondary Part, U-Channel
(2) Magnets
(3) Primary Part
(4) Windings, Epoxy-Moulded
(5) Terminal Block

Slotless Linear Motor

Slotless Linear Motor

(1) Secondary Part, Magnetic Rail
(2) Stainless Steel Cover
(3) Terminal Block
(4) Windings, Epoxy-moulded
(5) Flat Iron Plate
(6) Primary Part

Slotted Linear Motor

Slotted Linear Motor

(1) Casting
(2) Coils
(3) Motor Connection
(4) Laminated Core (Iron)
(5) Magnet Base
(6) Magnets


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