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Belt drive systems

FEAD – Front End Accessory Drive



In modern internal combusti on engines, accessories are almost exclusively driven by poly-V belts.

The primary requirements for accessory drive systems and their automated tensioning systems are listed below:

  • Automated belt force adjustment during initial installation and maintenance (tolerance compensation of all drive components)
  • Nearly consistent belt force during the entire life of the belt drive (compensati on of belt elongation and wear)
  • Nearly consistent belt force across the entire engine temperature range (compensati on of heat expansion of all components affecting the drive)
  • Reduction of dynamic belt force peaks
  • Minimizati on of slip, noise and belt wear
  • Rating life increase for the entire belt drive system
  • Optimal reliability of the overall belt drive system
  • Minimizati on of fricti on loss in the overall system

Modern, optimally adjusted accessory drive systems are maintenance free and can run for up to 240 000 km, given by optimal system development.


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