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Induction heating devices

Technical Product Information | 2012-05
FAG Heating Devices for the Mounting of Rolling Bearings
Induction heating devices HEATER and heating plate HEATER-PLATE


Publication | 2017-04
FAG Induction Heating Devices HEATER
Quality and Safety Redefined

Thermal tools

Induction heating devices

Table devices: HEATER50, HEATER100, HEATER200

The inductive heating units – HEATER50, HEATER100, HEATER200, HEATER400, HEATER800, and HEATER1600 – work quickly, safely, and in an environmentally friendly fashion. The high level of efficiency makes for energy-saving heating and shortens the assembly time, thereby lowering the operating costs. The uniform, controlled heating process makes it possible to achieve consistently good assembly results.

Operation of the units is designed to be intuitive, simple, and comfortable. The screen is operated by touch. The operating menu display is available in more than 16 languages.

Floor-mounted devices: HEATER400, HEATER800, HEATER1600

The scope of delivery of the induction heating devices HEATER covers a basic setup for the initial applications. The rolling bearing to be heated is either placed orizontally on the support rails or is suspended on the ledge.

The range of applications is very broad. In addition to all conventional rolling bearings, couplings, gears, and other ferromagnetic components can also be heated up quickly and safely. Efficiency and safety have been improved even more compared to previous models.


Delta-T Control

The main intention of the Delta-T-control is the better monitoring of the differences in temperature between inner- and outer ring of rolling bearing or even of thicked-walled work pieces. Therefore a temperature sensor is attached to the inner- and outer ring. An integrated software controls the power in this way that a defined value between measurement points cannot be exceeded. This prevents stresses and thus damage to rolling bearings and thick-walled work pieces (gears, clutches, etc.).



  • Increased level of efficiency – from 0.23 to 0.7 - 0.9
  • Novel DeltaT control with two temperature sensors
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • User-friendly menu with a touchscreen
  • Documentation and a graphic display of the heating process
  • Menu provided in up to 16 different languages
  • Start-delayed heating process through a countdown

Operating modes
The induction heating devices can be operated in the following modes:

  • temperature control
  • time control
  • ramp control (size HEATER40 and above)
  • Delta-T Control

The principle of the heating device is based on a current-carrying coil with an iron core (primary coil), which generates a high induction current at low voltage in a short-circuited secondary circuit (rolling bearing or other steel part). As a result, the rolling bearing to be mounted is heated rapidly. Non-metallic components and the device itself remain cold.

FAG Heating Manager
The software FAG Heating Manager is a user-friendly tool for selection of the optimum heating device for the heating of rolling bearings.

Once the rolling bearing to be heated has been selected, the bearing type, dimensions, mass and the suitable heating device are shown.


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